XYZ da Vinci 3D printer

I was gifted a da Vinci 1.0A 3D printer that did not print and was partially dismantled

Non-working da Vinci 1.0A printer


A few of the plugs had been removed from the wiring harness and an attempt had been made at reflowing the PCB

Someone’s attempt at a PCB repair with a missing ic

The previous owner kindly directed me to this website that had the part number of the missing ic

Insert website here

This was obsolete so I had to use

Insert new part here

This mosfet has 1/2 the RDS of 10 milli Ohms and a slightly higher gate charge, but this should be OK

New mosfet with solder paste and alfoil to protect the rest of the circuit from the hot air gun

The reflow was pretty successful, just the surface finish of the solder looked rough. I had to get a chip for the filament so it would work. To get the auto-calibration to work I put some copper wire point to point to aid with conductivity of the calibration touch points

Dodgy wire to help with earthing.
A collection of prints from thingyverse

U110, marking J5 is a TC7SZ04F inverter.

This is where I found the short marking expansion

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