Trailer brake controller

We managed to find someone silly enough to lend us their caravan for a weekend away, the only problem is that we need an electronic brake controller in our car. After figuring out that I wanted a Redarc Tow Pro I found one on Facebook market place for $150 instead of $330 for a new one.

Tow Pro- I can’t help myself and pulled it apart first chance I had

I pulled apart the car to install the unit. I was going to run the main power cable under the car, but a workmate said he ran his cabling internally so I decided to do the same.

Rear kick panel removed to add cabling
Panels and glovebox removed
Recessed tow pro control knob in 3D printed custom designed housing
Supplied interconnect cable I cut and attached RJ45 connectors so cable can be extended. I added the wire to connect to the shield of the extension CAT5 cable.
CAT5 cable with free sample Weidmüller RJ45 connectors
Underside of main fuse distribution box with entry of 6mm2 into the car under the dash.
The custom 3D printed knob housing
Tow Pro PCB
Tow Pro PCB
Tow Pro PCB rear
Knob PCB
Knob disassembled

I am planning on utilizing a free 40A slot to power the Redarc Tow Pro to make it look more OEM and neater.

By David Dobson

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