V-belt repair

The V-belt on the lawnmower broke the weekend of new year’s and nothing was open. The solution was to try to repair the belt

Snapped V-belt
This shouldn’t have 2 ends….

I had to shorten the belt by about 4cm as the pulley had gouged out some rubber and where it had torn was uneven. The mower is a Mcculloch M14538H

Cutting the belt with my favorite tool
Nice new flat surface. Notice the hole where a cord had been pulled out.
Cut out piece
After drilling holes I threaded the centre cord from some old blinds through.
The cord I had kept for a situation for such as this
The process of re-attaching the ends
Finished product
Finished product
Finished product

I’ll comment later on how long it lasts or if it still fits being shorter

Well I installed it on the mower this morning and could only just get it on, which meant the cutting blades couldn’t be dis-engaged. I took it out on the grass and then pulled the lever to engage the blades which put more tension on the belt which resulted in the repair ripping out of the belt.

Wonder what that is on the ground
My un-repaired repair

For future reference the belt measured at 2420mm/95.3” but a Google search tells me it is 96.4”. I’ll find out after receiving the one I have ordered.

By David Dobson

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