CadMouse repair

I found a CadMouse Compact Wireless in the bin with a faulty scroll wheel so thought I would repair it.

The discarded mouse

The scroll wheel was jumpy and intermittent so I guessed it was the encoder. Pulling the mouse apart was pretty easy as it was held together with 4 screws under the Teflon pads to expose the innards. I stuck the adhesive backed Teflon pads to a sticker backing to store while I was repairing the mouse.

Teflon pads removed with a little warmth to expose screws

The serial number is also etched as a QR code under one of the pads.

Mouse housing opened
Battery removed
Main PCB with encoder and scroll wheel removed from housing base
Main PCB
Encoder removed and dismantled

After dismantling the quadrature encoder I bend the finger springs up so they would have more pressure on the stationary contacts. Bending the housing back together one of the tabs broke , but it had another 3 which should be enough to hold it together.

Encoder soldered back onto the board

I reassembled the mouse and it appears to work fine now. Time will tell if the fix is permanent.

By David Dobson

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