LED spotlight tear down

I pulled a 4 LED Mini Work Light out of the bin at work that I thought I could use on my go cart. Unfortunately when power was applied it didn’t work so I thought I would pull it apart to see what was needed to repair it.

TDR08208 THUNDER 4 LED Mini Work Light

I tried prying the front lens off but was very well glued in. I saw a screw in the back of the light and thought I could pressurized it to pop the front off- which worked.

Rear vent hole screw
Pressurizing housing with compressed air

Removing the front lens cover exposed the PCB. The leds are wired in 2 strings of 2 in parallel.

Internal aluminum PCB

On closer inspection the A6211 driver IC has a hole which I suspect let the smoke out.

Blown IC with the markings that can be read A6211 2008 761U

There is a 0.120 ohm load sense resistor going to ground for current feedback. This is 1.7A driver output or 0.8A per LED string

I found the driver IC at digikey for $2 which I may order when I have other stuff I need to make a bigger order. I don’t like my chances of removing the IC from the aluminum core PCB as it is specifically made to dissipate heat and I have had limited success previously when trying to repair other LED drivers on aluminum PCBs.

I might just bridge out the driver IC and put a constant current driver external to the light if replacing the internal driver fails.

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