Reverse sprocket gear

My 60 tooth 530 reverse sprocket showing off some of its internals. Will fit straight onto a Barracuda, Sidewinder or any other motorcycle powered buggy in place of the rear main drive sprocket. 0.6 gear reduction ratio. Centre hub has enough room to fit a Quaif diff. Orders can be taken soon after some extensive testing.

Reverse sprocket gear showing internals

This used to be on which unfortunately closed down so currently I only have screenshots of the photos. When I find the original ones I’ll upload those.

To keep the sand out and grease in requires another sealing plate and o-rings on either side.

The spring-loaded top plate slides to keep the unit locked in normal driving. The locking tabs can be seen in the first photo at about 5 and 6 o’clock, these lock the sun gear with the ring gear.

Photo with gear-keeper plate and sliding lock plate.

This is the reverse sprocket with the new locking tabs and bushes in the planet gears.
New locking tab vs old one and a drilled out planet gears with new bushes
Back view of the reverse sprocket with the central load plate taken out of its place.
Close up of new modified parts in place.
Close up of slider plate in the unlocked/reverse position- the locking tab gears can be seen through the hole.
Reverse sprocket gear mounted in CVPR cartridge holder
Reverse sprocket gear mounted in buggy
Locking bolt not looking the way it should

I drove around in forward for 1/2 hour and nothing seemed to come loose, so i drove to the top of our driveway to reverse back up it.

I engaged the locking bolt, put it in first, slowly let out the clutch, and i was going backwards. I then gunned it then it made a bad grinding noise and I stopped. the locking bolt had bent. this is what I get for being impatient and not making the proper locking pin.

Old locking bolt compared to new locking pin

My new partially complete engaging pin next to the failed quick attempt. If I have time I’ll test it out again tomorrow. For sizing, the small bolt is M10. I had to get out my junior hacksaw to get it out.

YouTube link to video of reverse working in buggy

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