Starter motor repair

My daughter’s starter motor was playing up so after she purchased the wrong one I repaired her old one

Starter motor in pieces
Correct brushes on left, but could only get 2, so got set of 4 on right.

The car this is out of is a 1994 Toyota Hilux 22R engine RN85 Starter motor brushes 15.9mm x 6.9mm

OEX BRX70131 are the correct brushes but BRX40703 also fit, but a little longer.

Old vs new brushes
After soldering I crushed the joint while hot to keep it small so it didn’t short out on the housing when re-assembled. A problem I found with the first brush I soldered was that I held the heat on it too long and solder wicked along the lead and made it stiff. I was quicker with the following 3.
Trying to pry the negative brushes off. In the end I just cut them flush and soldered on top.
Negative brushes soldered.
Reassembling the stator over the rotor.
Pushing the bushes up to the commutator. Notice how the spring is not engaged so the brushes didn’t have to be held out manually.
Brushes pushed against commutator
Motor reassembled. Just needed to attach the positive lead to the solenoid contactor.

After putting it back into the car it worked well. The starter motor must have only been using 1 brush for a while

By David Dobson

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