Acer laptop USB repair

We purchased an ex-school Acer laptop that the USB2 ports were not working.

Faulty Acer laptop

I pulled it apart and found that one USB socket was part of the motherboard and the other was a separate circuit with the power switch

Laptop with case bottom removed. Note the screw in order of removal as there are 3 different lengths.

I tried looking up the USB sockets but couldn’t find them, so repairing is the only option

Screen removed
All four contacts are broken
Soldering small lengths of wire to the contact side of the break
3 of the 4 wires soldered to the solder pads
Left side complete
Motherboard with broken port down bottom of photo
Attached wires and shortening them
Bent wires over to pads

So after reassembly the motherboard port worked but the one on the power switch did not. I’ll get around to pulling it apart again another day to fix it again

By David Dobson

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