Snake buddie

I found a new friend yesterday. Amy destroyed its home in the long grass so it was making its way to the house. It is a friendly reptile. It tried kissing me a few times and also defecated on me so I feel it makes us as close as can be. I think I’ll name him Blue bellied Black.

My new friend being held captive under a rat trap- the closest item I found to stop him slithering away.

I even made him a new temporary home. Trying to get him in was a little difficult but managed without being bitten on my flesh.

The new overnight motel room in the milk carton in the left. I thought I had better let him cool down.

He had regurgitated a mouse because I had cooled him down. I am pretty sure they can’t have food in them when they are hibernating as it will rot rather than digest.

We are parting ways. Still a little cold but I left before he could complain about the service he received.

By David Dobson

I try not to let my age dictate how old I act