Pyrolytic self-cleaning Webber

I commented on the large amount of smoke outside our kitchen window as my lovely wife was cooking sausages on the Webber BBQ. She said it was just some old marinade burning off the grates. It was that and so much more.

Bubbled paint on the front shows the unfortunate prior events

I unfortunately didn’t get to take photos of the event in action as I was too busy trying to put out a fat fire by smothering it with aluminum foil. I ran 2 strips of foil across the top and shut the lid and held a piece on the bottom vent with a rag after removing the grease drip pan from under it.

After the fire was extinguished I then used the foil to cover and pat down the bubbled paint on the front of the lower part of the housing to try to make it resemble a semi-loved and non-abused cooking device.

The fat in the drip pan was still bubbling at this stage so I tipped it on some weeds in the garden that made a sizzling noise as it boiled away any moisture it came in contact with.

It took some convincing but the kids eventually ate the camping style sausages for dinner. Lots of tomato sauce was used to celebrate this event.

Dinner is served
Forensic identification is just one of the fun activities we do for dinner entertainment

By David Dobson

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