BT-50 Shock absorber install

We purchased a 2007 Mazda BT-50 to tow our caravan. One of the items required for the roadworthy was new shock absorbers so I purchased the cheapest ones I could find on eBay. An issue I found when I received the front ones was they didn’t have top rod covers.

Old shock (left) vs new shock (right)

I quite liked the idea of the cover to reduce the amount of dirt getting flicked onto the rod and hopefully make the seal last longer. I looked at cutting the old ones off but looked too hard so I looked through the recycling and found a couple of bottles my daughter had left behind that looked nearly perfect.

The non-dodgy top rod cover.

I might have to start a business making shock absorber covers 🙂

The bottom of the bottle did pop out after being drilled so made it fit better

By David Dobson

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