Microwave panel beating

During our trip back from Winton the microwave couldn’t be talked down and jumped from its shelf, but luckily the plug pulled out/broke so it couldn’t complete the hanging.

The suicidal microwave

I final got to looking at it on our next trip to see what self inflicted injuries it had done to itself

External damage
Pretty sure there is supposed to be an earth pin on that plug. Cable restraint looks to be as per factory.
Fuse/filter PCB has been snapped and mounts broken.
Most of the dents hammered out, still need to bend the cable entry back into shape.
A spare plug I had in the ute. Ringgrip brand made in Australia in what I assume to be the 50s/60s. Was from a fan on an old kerosene heater.
Repaired microwave with the tools needed for the repair

By David Dobson

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