Losing caravan wheel

120km into our trip a woman behind us was beeping and flashing her high beams so slightly annoyed with her impatience I pulled over thinking she wanted to overtake. Her intentions were very different and I was very thankful.

I was sure there was a wheel there when I left home

She informed me it had come off about 4km earlier and had gone waaayyy off into a paddock. She said she been trying to get my attention for a while.

2 broken studs visible with the other 3 assumed to be inside the drum doing as much damage as possible during our 4km drive
Tow truck driver working the caravan onto the tilt tray

We took the caravan off and went back to look for the wayward wheel but couldn’t find a trace of it

Somewhere in this paddock is a 5 stud Holden Bathurst Mag

My local mechanic took off the damaged drum and located 2 second hand drums, and found out that the magnetic brake coils are no longer available.

Drum removed. Magnet has seen better days

I also had the problem of missing one wheel, one of the spares was the wrong stud pattern and the other had the right stud pattern but while the tyre was nearly unused, was over 25 years old and was perishing and leaking air through the cracks. So I needed 2 new rims and tyres and a tyre swap.

Unused spare secondhand hub up the top. Bottom right is one of the 6 spare washes pulled from the mags

After jacking up the caravan to take one of the good mags off I noticed that the hub was loose on the bearing. I am glad I found this now and not when I lost another tyre and in this case hub. this was fixed by turning the axle bolt nearly 2 1/2 turns.

Pretty sure it is not supposed to do that.

Checking the other 2 hubs 1 needed tightening, which also had a broken piece of split pin floating around with the bearing.

This is supposed to be attached somewhere.

There was also a collection of extra washers stuck in the mag wheel bolt holes I had to remove.

The finished product
Snapped drawbar support
Closeup of snapped drawbar support
Welded and painted. Couldn’t find rust coloured paint to match the rest of the caravan

By David Dobson

I try not to let my age dictate how old I act