Dishwasher repair

The dishwasher started tripping out the RCD on the house so I pulled apart the door to see if water had leaked in to the control PCB. It was worse.

The mounting points lugs of the PCB have broken and all 4 corner screw mounts of the button panel are snapped

Not exactly an easy fix. You can see in the photo above my previous addition of a second power button to the PCB which I had to cut the rear of it out to access the copper. I am guessing that possibly with the main control board floating around the heatsinks were touching the surrounding metal door and with the moisture of it being a dishwasher cased the RCD to trip (I hope).

Broken mounting lugs
Taping up a dam to hold the polyurethane
Pouring the polyurethane in
Tape and plastic taken off
Should be much stronger being solid

I thought it would be too hard to repair the plastic on the control board so I decided to make a carrier out of some stainless steel sheet

Stainless sheet partially bent and cut
First side of PCB holder done.

I forgot to take a photo of it all mounted up but it did fit. I had to drill 2.5mm holes for the self tapping screw to thread into

Working dishwasher… for now
Top spray arm repair
Wired together to stop it falling apart when washing

By David Dobson

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