Amy was worried about leaving me home alone, but it has been a very educational experience. I have learnt some valuable lessons this evening.
1. Don’t eat cold meat that smells funny.
2. Pick up the junk mail I dropped (and probably asked to).
3. Don’t glue broken propellers together
4. Don’t play with my toys inside- holes appear in the bathroom wall.

Clean the area before testing equipment

After scrounging for some food in the fridge and finding some not so tasty rotten ham which is still making my stomach churn, I then started playing with my new project, my Quadcopter.

Moving to the lounge and kicking the junkmail to one side, I put the quadcopter down and turned it on. The static load test was going pretty well until the junkmail was sucked into the blades. During the process of producing confetti, the blade which I had previously glued flew off and embedded itself into the bathroom wall and shattered. I didn’t find this until I had my weekly shower later.

I am thinking I should clean up before Amy gets back.

By David Dobson

I try not to let my age dictate how old I act

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