Making Ashoka’s Lekku And Montrals

My daughter wanted to go to book week dressed as Ashoka. Just to clarify for all the Star Wars uninitiated, Lekku are the fleshy ponytails that hang down and
Montrals are the sensory organs that sprout from the top head.

My Ashoka and Toothless
Ahsoka Tano as she appeared in seasons 3-5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. From

I started with the template from and reduced the size a little bit. I traced the pattern onto baking paper from an iPad screen and then pined it to a double layer of Lycra to cut it out.

Pattern pinned to fabric
Fabric cut out into shapeof front pair of Lekku
Me slaving away sewing
Front Lekku sewn next to our cotton we had grown to be the filling. We just needed to remove the seeds first.
The Lekku filled and painted with the 3D printed lightsaber and other required attire
Ashoka’s lightsaber printed from
Different view of dress ups

By David Dobson

I try not to let my age dictate how old I act