Lighting to HDMI adaptor

I recently acquired a subscription to Disney+ and wanted to play it on our main TV. The newest device we have in the house is an iPhone 6s on which the app is installed, so I ordered and received a Lighting to HDMI adaptor off eBay.

I didn’t read the description for the $16.80 adaptor apart from the title, and when I plugged it in, it displayed the iPhone screen on the TV until I tried playing the Disney movie. This forced me to read the manual that came with it and it said that it wouldn’t work on paid apps. The description in the listing also included this information. (You should always confirm what you are buying)

I then tried YouTube to confirm the device could actually play video through it, but it failed miserably, with the video being choppy and out of sync with the audio.

Inside of the converter

I pulled the unit apart as I was curious as to what was powering it and was supprised to see the same SoC as what is in a cheap tablet I have.

The winbond w971GG6JB 25 is a 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM chip (as a side note, b=bit and B =byte)

I could install Linux on this thing, but the only IO is the lighting USB cable and the HDMI output, so probably not worth the effort

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