Harmony 525 remote repair

The main select button stopped working on our universal remote and it was nearly the end of the world for the kids

Button not working on remote

Pulling it apart required removing 4 screws and pulling the case clips apart

Case screws under battery cover
Back of PCB

The LCD is stuck to the front plastic illumination panel and is soldered to the underside of the PCB so I had to be careful to not break it the cable

Front panel

After unsticking the screen and peeling up the adhesive backing with Amy’s hair dryer.

Heating up the sticky cover to peel back

After I could view the faulty contact I got a piece of wire to short out the contact to test if it was a cracked track or just a bad contact with the metallic cup. It turns out it was just a wear point in the gold plated copper track where the cup contact was making contact, so I just moved the contact over slightly when reapplying the white adhesive cover.

Testing faulty contact.

It is now working and the kids can watch Netflix again!

By David Dobson

I try not to let my age dictate how old I act