Fake USB thumb drives

I ordered 120 128GB for $6 each off a Chinese marketplace, Joom. I fully expected them not to be 128GB, more of the capacity range of 8-16GB. Joom offers a full refund if the item you receive is not as described, leaving me with all my cash and 120 x 8GB thumb drives. I was sorely disappointed when I tested them and found they were all 128MB, and most had errors/ bad blocks within this.

120 x 128MB thumb drives

I have no idea what to do with technology sized for 2002, so I investigated the controller IC and found a datasheet describing the chip has an integrated 80C51 processor. I did a bit of poking around seeing if I could access the CPU and its spare IO to do something interesting. It was a MW8209E SOIC24 for which I couldn’t find its data-sheet, though I did find find one for LQFP48 package that boasts more pins and lots of extra IO, without the integrated crystal. I did find a program to access them, re-program them to the correct capacity and map the corrupt sectors. (no guarantees about viruses)

At this point I couldn’t be bothered putting more effort into them so I left it here, to which I may get back to at some stage.

By David Dobson

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