The light blew in the fridge, and didn’t want to buy a new one, so I thought I would make one out of the stuff I have lying around.


I had a blown CFL and a LED from from a dead microwave. I planed to remove the guts of the CFL and put the LED into the housing.

CFL pulled apart

I carefully removed the glue holding the glass and cut a hole in the cover to fit the LED. I had it mounted like this so I could rotate the led once it was screwed into the socket as it only illuminates in a single direction.

Wires soldered to LED

I then soldered the wires from the Edison Screw base to the LED.

Assembled light

I plugged it into the fridge and it didn’t work. Turns out when the light bulb blew it killed something in the fridge. Yay, something else to fix.

By David Dobson

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