Dishwasher Hack

We replaced our old dishwasher with a new LG Direct Drive model, with the all important feature of child lock.

Now, when something has chid lock, you would imagine it would stop a child from pressing buttons and turning the dishwasher off mid cycle. Not the case.

Every button is disabled, except the power button, which when pressed when the lock is applied, turns the dishwasher off. This wouldn’t be a problem, except it resets the cycle. What is the point of having a child lock that doesn’t childproof the appliance?

To fix this problem I installed a switch inline with the power button by cutting the track on the PCB and bridging it with the switch. I then mounted it on the opposite side of the panel so both had to be pressed at the same time to turn it on and off.

Hole cut in housing with wires soldered to back of PCB after track cut.
Modified dishwasher with extra power enable button to left of orange light

By David Dobson

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